About Us

About Us

Constant Data Integration is a technology agnostic data management, automation, AI and analytics consulting company dedicated to selling and delivering high quality data management and analytics solutions. We specialize in providing sustainable business and engineering solutions across multiple technologies and industries.

We will lead you as you embark on your data and analytics journey by providing expert consulting services and cutting edge, skilled resources. CDI is your preferred partner for complete life cycle engagement. We specialize in providing guidance on reviewing business requirements and developing a comprehensive solution architecture through solution development, implementation and deployment. We then provide on-going performance analyses, on-going maintenance and post deployment hyper care.

CDI partners and teams with software, services and device sellers by providing our network of highly skilled resources to create the best possible services design. CDI specializes in services delivery by providing mission critical skills, through all project lifecycle phases.

Our experience across multiple industries translates into you exceeding your customers’ expectations. Our vast array of skills and expertise enables us to provide a satisfying customer experience followed by a successful solution deployment.

Connecting People for over 20 Years


What Makes Us Unique?

We strive to establish ourselves as a premier Solution Provider for Data and Analytics, Data Cleansing, and Data Transformation projects. We  help provide clients with the best software and services solutions to meet their Data Analytics and  Integration needs. Our focus is to help you simplify ongoing management of data and analytics growth using our skilled resources and flexible services.


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